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Are Running Strollers Worth The Investment?

If you have been shopping for jogging strollers lately then you certainly would have noticed just how expensive they are. The air filled wheels, durable construction materials, suspension systems, and overall added performance features make them considerably more costly than traditional baby strollers. They are designed to give you the ability to safely travel both smooth and bumpy terrain at higher speeds. They give parents a way to workout, raise their hear rate, lose weight, and get back into shape, all while including their children. This is a perfect fitness device for active parents as it allows them to avoid having to get a baby sitter and it lets their kids be involved in an outdoor activity that they will enjoy. But is this enough to justify the higher cost?

If you were an active person before having a child then chances are that a jogger is something that you will get a lot out of use from. If you are someone who needs motivation to exercise and has a house full of equipment, like a treadmill that just collects dust, then chances are that you might want to start with a standard stroller first. If you are able to use a regular stroller for casual walks around the neighborhood then you can work your way up to a running stroller. Start with something small, if stepping up your activity level at some point is something that you really want to do, then getting a high performance stroller is going to make much more sense.

Best Affordable Joggers of 2017

Luckily, there are some options that won’t break the bank. The top 10 running strollers have a few gems in there that are a little lighter on the wallet and are perfect choice for parents who might be on the fence about getting a stroller for jogging.

Joovy Zoom 360

This is more of a mid-range stroller that cost less than $200. It gets excellent reviews from parents for its performance on the road. If you like to run at a faster pace on concrete streets or sidewalks then this Joovy stroller is worth looking into.

Large Wheels – Its air filled tires give it great traction at higher speeds. For this type of stroller, staying in control is crucial, and the Zoom 360 lets you do this. They also provide a smoother ride for your child which is also important.

Lightweight frame – This stroller is also easy to move in and out of your vehicle if you like to travel with your jogger. Storage is a breeze as well. The aluminum frame is both strong and light giving you something that is built for the road but is easy on your back.

Graco FastAction Jogger

Graco makes superb equipment for children at prices that friendly to your budget, and this jogging stroller is a fine example of that. It can be found online at around $150 and for this price you get a lot of value.

Convenience – This stroller is engineered with a quick fold system that lets parents break it down in less than a second. This lets you store it in your garage or load it into your trunk with minimal effort. This is one reason for its popularity and positive feedback.

Smooth Ride – The FastAction Jogger also comes with air filled tires and dedicated suspension with is something your child will appreciate. While this may help some on bumpier terrain, it performs best on concrete surfaces.

Infant Seat Compatibility – The added bonus to this running stroller is its Click Connect system that lets you easily secure your infant seat for use with the stroller. You do not have to remove your child from their seat which adds another level of convenience.

Schwinn Turismo

This is another high performance running stroller that comes in a manageable price point. Depending on the color you choose, it can be had for between $150 and $200 generally. This is another parent favorite for running around the neighborhood.

Speakers – One of the unique features of the Turismo is that it contains speakers that you can hook up to your portable mp3 player so you and your little one can have something to jam to while you are out for a workout.

Aluminum Frame – This model also features a strong and light frame that makes transporting and storing it a breeze.

Car Seat Adapter – Like the Graco stroller, this Schwinn jogger also allows you to use it with various infant car seats for added safety and convenience.

So Are They Worth It?

In our opinion, buying a jogging stroller is a very sound investment because you are investing in your health. There are many reasons why you start jogging, and for parents having a stroller that can help them achieve their fitness goals is something that extremely valuable. Even though there are quite a few expensive models available, there are several smart alternatives that won’t destroy your budget. This is something that the entire family can benefit from, and from our experience, it has been worth every penny.

Dealing With Grief And Loss At Your Own Pace

Losing someone or something is never easy despite it being a natural part of life. Grieving is a very normal part of the human experience. It is the only way believed to help one heal and come in to terms with the loss. Grieving is one of the healing stages that is usually felt before someone can completely accept a loss. Normally when the term grief is mentioned, death is the main thing that pops in to mind. However, loss can be experienced in many different aspects of life. These are mostly things that are of extreme importance; jobs, relationships, property, pets, pregnancy, friendship or whatever one once held dear and had high hopes for. One can also grieve for a friend’s misfortune.

When loss occurs in our lives, we need to completely grieve in order to release it and continue with our lives. Each person may grieve differently so there is no right or wrong way for the process. You need to give yourself time to completely come in terms with your loss, do not rush yourself. Ignoring the problem also will not get rid of the pain and heart ache.

Five Stages of Grief

There are five main steps that someone is likely to undergo as they grieve.


This is whereby you are in complete denial that the loss has happened to you. You might even try to repackage the loss in a more suitable way that will make the painful reality easier for you to come to terms with. In the case of the death of a loved one, a person might try to deny the loss by making themselves believe that the deceased has just taken a trip and will return after a while. This is not encouraged because the longer you lie to yourself the harder and longer the healing process will be. You need to accept all the facts related to the loss, no matter how difficult they are. Shock can also prolong the stage of denial.


This is also a common emotion that is related to grieving. After the reality of the loss sets in, and the realization that something may be gone forever, feelings of anger may manifest. Feelings of being cheated by life and how harsh and unfair life can be at times can be overwhelming and frustrating. Gradual understanding and acceptance that nothing is permanent in this world and that losing people and things we treasure is part of life will hopefully replace the anger over time. Let go of or deal with the anger and accept that it is not yours or any other person’s fault that the loss occurred.


In this stage, you would find yourself trying to find ways to substitute the loss or trying to negotiate to find a way out. No matter what you do, nothing will change the fact that the loss has occurred.


This is a very common stage where some signs of depression may present themselves. During this stage, it can be extremely helpful to find a support group of people you think would understand your pain or those that have gone through such an experience. Prolonged bouts of depression should not be ignored and the help of a licensed mental health professional should be attained. Expressing one’s feelings and emotions in a supportive setting can be extremely beneficial to anyone trying to deal with a severe loss. It will help you deal with depression better compared to being alone.


This is the final stage of grieving. This shows that you have come to terms with the loss, accepted it and is willing to move on with your life. It will leave you feeling lighter and more at peace within. After this, you are free and in a better position to move on with your life. You can positively live with loss, blend it in as part of who you are and still live a normal life.
There comes a time in everyone’s life where they find themselves having to deal with grief over people and things they have lost. However, finding a strong support system might help you better deal with the pain. This could be from; friends and family, a support group, a professional counselor or even turn to your faith. All these ways will help you feel more love, strength and support which will go along way to help in the grieving process.
Being alone and bottling things is usually counterproductive and may only prolong the intense emotions of sadness associated with the loss. Usually, the bigger the loss the more profound the sense of grief feels, but even slightly minor losses can lead to a depressed mood. It is important to be aware of how something affects how you feel and should be addressed if it starts to interfere with everyday life activities.

Grief is a natural part of being human, but knowing what to expect, how to work towards acceptance and how to deal with all the emotions involved can help speed up the process.