Are Running Strollers Worth The Investment?

Strollers for running

If you have been shopping for jogging strollers lately then you certainly would have noticed just how expensive they are. The air filled wheels, durable construction materials, suspension systems, and overall added performance features make them considerably more costly than traditional baby strollers. They are designed to give you the ability to safely travel both smooth and bumpy terrain at higher speeds. They give parents a way to workout, raise their hear rate, lose weight, and get back into shape, all while including their children. This is a perfect fitness device for active parents as it allows them to avoid having to get a baby sitter and it lets their kids be involved in an outdoor activity that they will enjoy. But is this enough to justify the higher cost?

If you were an active person before having a child then chances are that a jogger is something that you will get a lot out of use from. If you are someone who needs motivation to exercise and has a house full of equipment, like a treadmill that just collects dust, then chances are that you might want to start with a standard stroller first. If you are able to use a regular stroller for casual walks around the neighborhood then you can work your way up to a running stroller. Start with something small, if stepping up your activity level at some point is something that you really want to do, then getting a high performance stroller is going to make much more sense.

Best Affordable Joggers of 2016

Luckily, there are some options that won’t break the bank. The top 10 running strollers have a few gems in there that are a little lighter on the wallet and are perfect choice for parents who might be on the fence about getting a stroller for jogging.

Joovy Zoom 360

This is more of a mid-range stroller that cost less than $200. It gets excellent reviews from parents for its performance on the road. If you like to run at a faster pace on concrete streets or sidewalks then this Joovy stroller is worth looking into.

Large Wheels – Its air filled tires give it great traction at higher speeds. For this type of stroller, staying in control is crucial, and the Zoom 360 lets you do this. They also provide a smoother ride for your child which is also important.

Lightweight frame – This stroller is also easy to move in and out of your vehicle if you like to travel with your jogger. Storage is a breeze as well. The aluminum frame is both strong and light giving you something that is built for the road but is easy on your back.

Graco FastAction Jogger

Graco makes superb equipment for children at prices that friendly to your budget, and this jogging stroller is a fine example of that. It can be found online at around $150 and for this price you get a lot of value.

Convenience – This stroller is engineered with a quick fold system that lets parents break it down in less than a second. This lets you store it in your garage or load it into your trunk with minimal effort. This is one reason for its popularity and positive feedback.

Smooth Ride – The FastAction Jogger also comes with air filled tires and dedicated suspension with is something your child will appreciate. While this may help some on bumpier terrain, it performs best on concrete surfaces.

Infant Seat Compatibility – The added bonus to this running stroller is its Click Connect system that lets you easily secure your infant seat for use with the stroller. You do not have to remove your child from their seat which adds another level of convenience.

Schwinn Turismo

This is another high performance running stroller that comes in a manageable price point. Depending on the color you choose, it can be had for between $150 and $200 generally. This is another parent favorite for running around the neighborhood.

Speakers – One of the unique features of the Turismo is that it contains speakers that you can hook up to your portable mp3 player so you and your little one can have something to jam to while you are out for a workout.

Aluminum Frame – This model also features a strong and light frame that makes transporting and storing it a breeze.

Car Seat Adapter – Like the Graco stroller, this Schwinn jogger also allows you to use it with various infant car seats for added safety and convenience.

So Are They Worth It?

In our opinion, buying a jogging stroller is a very sound investment because you are investing in your health. There are many reasons why you should start jogging, and for parents having a stroller that can help them achieve their fitness goals is something that extremely valuable. Even though there are quite a few expensive models available, there are several smart alternatives that won’t destroy your budget. This is something that the entire family can benefit from, and from our experience, it has been worth every penny.

How Kuvings Juicers Shine For Leafy Green Lovers


Kuvings top juicers

While it may not be as popular of a brand name as Breville and Omega in the juicer world, Kuvings has come out with some high quality juicing machines that have garnered some favorable reviews and ratings from customers around the world. They are a Korean company that produces some top specialty kitchen appliances such as juicers. Their newer models, especially the Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer, have really impressed with the improvements that help make the entire juicing experience quicker and more convenient.

If you love to take advantage of the powerful nutrients in green leafy vegetables then getting a masticating juicer is going to be your best choice. These type of juicing machines provide you with very high juice yield and they are going to get the most of the natural goodness out of these types of foods. While centrifugal juicers are extremely fast, masticating juice extractors are a lot more efficient and will deliver you a more nutritious glass of juice. Omega is the leader in this area, but Kuvings is quickly catching up. Below are some of their models that are would be great for those new to juicing.

Kuvings B6000 Whole Slow Juicer

This is one of their newer releases and it is already one of the top upright masticating juicers that you can buy. The biggest difference between this and other vertical masticating models is its wider feed chute. This lets users drop in bigger pieces of fruits and vegetables without the need to cut them into smaller bits. It can handle whole apples and carrots and a variety of other produce quickly and efficiently and it enables the prep time needed to juice to be drastically reduced. This is the first vertical machine to provide this feature and owners really appreciate it.

Kuvings NS-940 Silent Juicer

This is one of the predecessors to the B6000 above, and while it does not have the larger feed chute it does come with a lot of the same high quality features that owners come to expect from a Kuvings juicer.

  • 240W motor that operates at a 80RPM providing powerful yet quiet juicing.
  • BPA-free parts and a two step safety system for worry free juicing.
  • Modern design, variety of colors that look great on any countertop.
  • Easy to clean and use.

Kuvings NJE-3580U

For those that don’t need or want a vertical machine, this model provides the traditional style masticating juicer with a wider stance. These tend to provide a little better experience overall for owners minus the space saving features. This is another quality juicer that has gotten some top ratings from customers.

  • 240W motor that provides powerful, efficient and quiet operation.
  • More than a juicer – comes with 7 different nozzle types that can make this into a grinder, mincer and pasta maker.
  • Modern sleek design.
  • Easy to use as well as clean.

Why Should I Consider a Kuvings Juicer?

Luckily, when searching for a juicer there are quite a few high quality brands that you can choose from. Kuvings is worth consideration for a number of reasons and some of the aspects that make this such a good choice include:


Kuvings engineers their juicers with features that actually improve the juicing process for users and continues to look for ways to make their products better. Their latest vertical juicer is the first of its kind to make use of a wide feed chute which is a huge time saver when it comes to daily juicing. Quiet juicing is also an important factor for a lot of their customers and they aim to make some of the quietest juicing machines that you can buy. This will make juicing your super greens more enjoyable and let you get at concentrated dose of nutrients without waking the neighbors.


Not only do their juicers come with modern features, but they also come with a modern design that will look great in just about any type of kitchen. How an appliance works is always the most important aspect, but why should it not be an eye catcher as well. Customers really like how Kuvings performs in both of these areas.

Customer Ratings

While they may not sell as many juicers as some of the more popular brands, those who have bought a Kuvings juicer tend to be very happy with their purchase. Kuvings makes some of the best juicers on the market and various models continue to recieve very high ratings and recommendation rates from user.


How To Find The Perfect Car Seat For Your Little One

Car seat safety for your child

Safety while driving and ensuring that your little angel is riding secure is something that all new parents soon come to obsess about. Finding the right child restraint seat can go a long way to traveling with peace of mind. If you are someone who is prone to worry, then this can be a nerve-racking experience. We never like to think about the worst that can happen when driving down the road, but we must always be prepared for it. So the importance of finding something safe for your child to ride in cannot be understated. However, it does not have to be an anxious experience. We have put together a small guide on some of the point of shopping for a new convertible car seat to take with you.

There are several advantages to starting out with a seat specifically made for newborns. They are typically easier to carry, some are made to fit different strollers so that you do not have to remove your kid from the seat, and they have added head and neck support that newborns need. However, getting a convertible child seat makes the most sense if you are on a tight budget. Using this type of seat from the start means you will only have to buy one child seat for the first years instead of two. This is the main reason that most parents opt to go this direction. While it can be confusing with the different types of child seats out there, a convertible seat will probably be the best option for most families where money is a concern. Below are just some factors that can help you find the right convertible seat for your children.

Passing Grades

Any child seat that you buy should meet or exceed the safety regulations and standards of your state or country. The best way to ensure that you get a seat that meets these guidelines is to purchase one from a reputable dealer. Any store with a good reputation is only going to carry legal and safe equipment for kids. The manufacturer will usually have some sort of seal on their box as well advertising the fact that their seat meets all the important standards so that parents know what they are getting.

Head and Neck Support

Newborns neck and shoulder area is a key concern when it comes to strollers and car seats. They are not strong enough to support the weight of the head at such a young age and as such, they need the proper support from any seat that they ride in. The best convertible car seats all pay particular attention in this area and offer superior protection to help support the neck area of small babies with padded inserts.

Customer Ratings

We always feel that is also important to find a child safety seat that other parents have used and see which models perform best in actual real world environments. Finding honest reviews from parents can be excellent resource to get you pointed in the right direction. The more feedback, the more confident that you can be when making a purchase.


Safety comes first, but how child like riding in the seat is almost equally as important. If they are fidgeting, sweating, or crying because they are uncomfortable using the seat, then it really does not matter how safe the seat is. It will make driving a real chore and something that they both of you do not enjoy. Having cool, easy to clean materials should be a must have for any child seat so keep an eye on the comments from parents when going over customer reviews for various models.

Ease of Use

This also encompasses how easy the seat is to get clean. Kids by nature are messy and spills are inevitable, so having a seat that washes clean without a lot of work will be crucial. Also, how easy the seat is to install, move in between different vehicles, and store are all important factors that parents should consider. An overly heavy seat will end up being quite a hassle if you plan on using it in multiple cars.

Popular Brands

It is always a safe play to stick with the best name brands when it comes to getting a new car seat for your little one. Some makers with an established track record for making safe and high quality seats include Chicco, Graco, EvenFlo, and Britax. You probably cannot go wrong with any of these as they all will give your child the protection and comfort that you hope to get out of a new convertible car seat. Which ever brand that you choose, it is always crucial to read the instruction manual to ensure that you know how to secure your child into the seat in the correct way.